It is the mission of Fawn Lake Forest property owners, a private residential community, to envision, plan and maintain an environment that produces a safe and secure quality of life and embracing pride, compassion, responsibility and harmony among its members. We will be financially responsible, maintaining our physical assets and amenities while planning for growth without harm to the environment.

A Message from the President of the Board of Directors

Fawn Lake Forest Association is a not-for-profit home owners association as described under IRS Sections 528 and 501(C)7. The Board of Directors consists of thirteen Directors as per our By-Laws (Article III Section1) and in compliance with Article V Section I we have a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer. The Board of Directors establishes committees to assist them as community needs dictate. Each committee has a Chairperson who works with his/her Committee Members to accomplish the task at hand and to inform the Directors of their progress at regular intervals. All Directors, Chairpersons, and Committee Members are volunteers and they do not receive any financial compensation. We do, however, have paid employees who perform many necessary functions. Any inquires may be e-mailed to our office at fawnlake@fawnlakeforest.org where it will be forwarded to the proper authority.

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